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Our flagship store provide contact lens assessment, optometrists will base on the wearers’ eye conditions, their special requirements on the product, any problem encountered during the usage of contact lenses and their habits of using contact lenses, in order to provide a tailor-made recommendation and aftercare.

For details and reserve, please contact below flagship store. 

cl mall Causeway Bay Store 

Address:Shop 308, 3/F, Windsor House, Causeway Bay  

Tel:+852 2152 0602

WhatApps:+852 6996 1115

Eyeconic by cl mall K11 MUSEA Store 

Address:Shop 210A, 2/F, K11 MUSEA, Tsim Sha Tsui 

Tel:+852 2119 1081

WhatApps:+852 6996 0195

Examination Contents and details:

Assessment service fee $280, include refraction and ocular health assessment.

After the assessment, customer can redeem all contact lens products with the same total value as the assessment fee. 

  • If the total value of the purchased goods exceeds the service fee, the difference shall be paid.
  • If the total value of the purchased goods is insufficient the service fee, the difference will not be refunded. 
*Please note , due to the limited quota, if any change in the appointment time, we will be notified by phone or email. Please pay attention.